Sunday, December 31, 2017

Project 365, Circles & Photo, Day #365 (1826)


Happy New Year's Eve!  I hope you had a good day and evening.  Here is my circle and photo for day  #365 (1826).

The girls had some friends over tonight and it is ultimate game night at our house.  It is so much fun to listen to them.  They are having a great time and enjoying themselves.  Chris joined in for the game 'One Night Ultimate Werewolf'.  They all love the game and for me it's more fun to watch.  I am enjoying myself and taking it all in.

Here is my final drawing for the year and final drawing for Project 365.  It's been five years and I am moving on.  I finished tonight with a compilation with each of the subjects from the last five years, butterfly, watercolor, heart, star, and circle.  I am very happy with this final piece.

It is a little hard to say goodbye because I have been doing it for so long.  In a way I don't want to break the streak because I have been going for so long and it is a part of my every day now.   When I look back I have done some pretty cool things as well.  It is not always energy in though, so I am moving on and going to try something different.  I still plan on working on something at least weekly, if not adding to it daily.  I am getting a mixed media journal, and going to play with bigger pieces of mixed media art.  Using ink, watercolor, collage and whatever else inspires me.  It is a new adventure and not necessarily scary, but a change, so that makes it feel a little uneasy.  I am going to play with it though and see what happens.

If you have been following along all these years, or new to my blog, thanks so much for stopping by and joining me on my journey.  I have not decided yet if I will be posting my new journal entries.  I'll see how it goes and go with the flow.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!!  Peace and happiness to all!  Thanks again for stopping by and joining me on this journey!

Take care,

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