Monday, September 18, 2017

Project 365, Circles & Photo, Day #261 (1722)


I hope you had a good day.  Here is my circle and photo for day # 261 (1722).

A rather simple looking one tonight with just a few details.  It looks a little empty but will make sense in three more days.

Hannah was cleaning up her room and had a few of her favorite books from when she was younger still in her room.  I was in the kitchen picking up dinner and I hear her telling the story.  I go around the corner and there she was, the 'teacher' standing up in front of the class reading the book.  It was pretty awesome, I must say.  Molly and the boys were hanging out and listening to the tale.

That's all for me.  Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy your night.

Take care,

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