Sunday, July 30, 2017

Project 365, Circles & Photo, Day #211 (1672)


I hope you had a nice Sunday.  Here is my circle and photo for day #211 (1672).

A graphic design idea again with words going where my little scribbles are.  There would also be a couple of letters in the center of the circle but I didn't want to use anything to represent them.

We have a few of these bushes out front and they are just beautiful when they bloom.  The flowers are only around for a short time, but when they are, wow.  I know I have used them in photos before, but can you really have to many photos of such beauty?   Lots of different views of them tonight, with the addition of a moth, for the last one.  That little one flew in and also wanted to have it's picture taken.

That's all for me.  Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your night!

Take care,

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