Saturday, June 24, 2017

Project 365, Circles & Photo, Day #175 (1636)


I hope you had a nice day.  Here is my circle and photo for day #175 (1636).

I wrinkled my drawing again while erasing my pencil lines.  It drives me a little crazy to have wrinkled paper, because the photos don't come out as nice.  Anyways, I was going for a universe type quick drawing.  I was thinking about adding more dots to represent stars, but I honestly didn't want to work on it that long, to get the outcome I wanted in my head.  I have visions and I know how long they can take at times.

I took Mols to the mall today so we could pick out her laptop at the Apple Store.  She was very excited and has been wanting to go every day since graduation.  She got it and set it all up and is ready to go.  She was kind enough to pose with the puppies for me.  Some cute photos and the puppies were interested in the laptop too.  : )

That's all for now.  Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy your evening!

Take care,

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