Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Project 365, Circles & Photo, Day #66 (1527)


I hope you good day.  Here is my circle and photo for day #66 (1527).

Today is my birthday and I did a simple drawing of how I was feeling today.  I had a very happy and blissful day.  Such a nice way to go through the day.  I turned 49 today, which really doesn't bother me, because it really is only a number.  The funny thing is it seems like a big number, but I really don't feel like it is the right number.  I still feel young in the brain, and not that many years have gone by.  It is just a number. : )

I got to go for a run today and it was a beautiful morning.  The sun was shining and the trees were in bloom.  Such a nice relaxing way to start my day.  I had a fantastic day and really was just blissful going throughout the day and doing my normal tasks.  What a great way to enjoy a day.

That's all for me.  Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you had a great day as well!

Take care,

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