Saturday, October 8, 2016

Project 365, Stars, Day #282 (1377)


I hope you had a good day.  Here is my star for day #282 (1377).

The idea for my star is to look like a bunch of witches hats, stacked on each other.  I think it came out pretty good and it is a little different take on what I have been doing.

I wasn't sure what to take a photo of today.  I was just walking around outside and nothing was coming to me.  I bent down to look at the little clover buds and decided that a close up of the plants would make for a cool photo.  I think it is cool and I love looking at the plants in a different way and getting up close.

That's all for me.  It's nice to have my post done a little early.  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great evening!

Take care,

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