Thursday, June 2, 2016

Project 365, Stars, Day #154 (1249)


I hope you had a good day.  Here is my star for day #154 (1249).

A simple one and back to my double lines.  I just really like the look of them, no matter if simple or complicated.

I have been really busy getting lots of different things done, and then, the end of the day comes around,  and I haven't take a picture yet.  I am finding myself a little lost of what to take pictures of.  The business of the day doesn't seem picture worthy sometimes.  It is also little strange around here without Seamus.  It's been quite and the girls have been gone, so it's just been me, which makes it even weirder.  It was always nice at the end of the night to take another picture of him, it made for easy photos.  So, I decided on our tomato plants out back.  They are really growing quickly and it will be great to have some home grown tomatoes soon.

That's all for me.  Thanks for stopping by.

Take care,

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