Sunday, March 20, 2016

Project 365, Stars, Day #80 (1175)


I hope you had a nice Sunday.  Here is my star for day #80 (1175).

I am teaching a cake class tomorrow, so today is a prep day.  I usually don't get my flowers started until the evening, but I made a point of it to get them done early.  I got them finished and decided to do a star as well.  I would like to have a picture of it standing up but it is pretty delicate and not quite dry yet.  If I try to pick it up, it will definitely break.  So, a nice picture of it on the parchment for now.  My photo montage is of my flowers and some close up details.  

About 100 little flowers for the kids to use tomorrow.  I also played around with some different shapes to show them how the royal icing can be used.   That's all for now.  We are having a nice big Sunday dinner and it's almost one to eat.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your evening.

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