Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Project 365, Stars, Day #33 (1128)


I hope you had a good day.  Here is my star for day #33 (1128).

Something a little different for me tonight.  I love all the layers and just the subtle accent of the stars.  I'm sure it would be pretty cool with some shading or colors in the geometric shapes.  Maybe I will get a chance to do that.  

Today it was really cold.  We go from rain and high winds to crazy cold.  Here was the temp this morning, when I was driving Molly to school.

A low of 36 and the high was only in the 50's.  I realize that's not very cold, but to us it feels pretty cold.  The house cools down so quickly and stays pretty cold.  I don't think there is much insulation left in these walls.   Of course you don't think of it, until weather like this happens.  

That will be all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and have a good evening.

Take care,

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