Monday, January 4, 2016

Project 365, Stars, Day #4 (1099)


I hope you had a good day.  Here is my star for day #4 (1099).

Layered stars tonight with my multiple line images.  I started with the foreground stars and then added the background stars.  I was thinking of adding more but I think the front stars got a little hard to see, so I stopped with the four.

We finally got to see Star Wars tonight.  Alyssa has been asking since it came out.  I'm not one to go when they first come out, because I don't care for the lines or crowds, just to see a movie.  I like to wait a few weeks and have space and not as much noise (besides the movie) going on.  I've been to some where I can't focus on the movie because the people around me are talking.  We went early and there was plenty of space in the theatre.  We got our favorite seats, in the back row.  Everyone enjoyed the movie and then we went out to dinner after.  It was a nice afternoon/early evening, especially for a Monday.

That's all for tonight.  Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

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