Saturday, July 25, 2015

Project 365, Hearts, Day #206 (936)


I hope you had a good day.  Here is my heart for day #206 (936).

A simple spiral of hearts for tonight.  I am really tired again, from the drive, and I think just the hiking is catching up with me.  

Today we drove from Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon.  It was about a three hour drive along national scenic route12.  It was absolutely scenic and breathtaking and also down right scary to me.  Some of the roads are right along the cliffs and there is nothing between you and the cliff except the occasional reflector post to let you know where to stay on the road.  At one point you were literally on top of the mountain and there was a cliff on both sides of you.  I have to say my anxiety kicked in on those roads.  We made it fine and did a little exploring of Bryce Canyon.  We drove  in and stopped at two of the view points.  You drive along wooded areas and can't see anything unless you pull off to the viewing roads.  Then when you get to the end of those roads 'wow', there is the canyon.  Beautiful, amazing and scary to me again.  You are on the side of the canyons and sometimes there are fences and sometimes not.  It's the not times that freak me out, especially when people like to walk off the path and get close to the edge just to get a photo.  My anxiety was in high gear then.  Simply stunning scenery though.  

Well that's enough of my tales for tonight.  Have a good evening and thanks for stopping by.

Take care,

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