Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Project 365, Watercolor, Day #365

Happy New Years Eve!

I hope you are having a good day!  Here is my last watercolor for 2014, watercolor #365.

This represents my crazy love/obsession I guess for completing this project.  I have completed two years of 'Project 365', which is really hard to believe.   It has been very satisfying but also stressful.  In the process of completing each day, some days are easier than others, some I feel accomplished and some I just want to get done.  Making the effort though and completing each day, no matter the outcome, does feel good.  I am not sure if I will start again tomorrow, I'm thinking about it, but we'll see.  I think it is a nice challenge and everyone should check it out.

That's all for me, for this year.  Crazy.  Thanks for stopping by.  If you have been hanging around all year, thanks for always checking in.  Happy New Year to all.  I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2015!!  Peace.

Take care,

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