Monday, July 14, 2014

Project 365, Watercolor, Day #195


I hope you had a good Monday.  Lots of work going on around here.  New landscaping, new sewer pipe and still trying to organize and finish the inside.  I still feel like it doesn't seem like it will ever end but I think that is the norm.  Here is what I have for you tonight, my watercolor for day #195.

I started with a background similar to yesterday's thinking I would try and add a design.  I added some design details and didn't care for it, so I brushed over it with a watered brush.  This has worked in the past and I liked the result.  I can say that I am not very happy with the result tonight.  I didn't want to start over though, because I am trying to stick to that principle.  So I am not thrilled with tonight's painting but that's the way it goes.  

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