Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project 365, Day #5


I hope you had a good day.   I would love to say today has been a good day for me too.  Today we were traveling home and well, we are not there yet.  We arrived in Orlando's airport at 10am for a 12:30 flight.  Well there are delays all over because of the weather up east.  We finally took off at 8pm.  We are now on the plane in Austin, ready to leave again for our second part home.  It is the same plane as we took here but we needed to deplane because they change the flight crew.  Everyone has been in the same boat as far as delays so all in all most people have been pretty calm and good.  It just makes for an we exhausting day, that's for sure.

I decided I would just draw a butterfly while we were still in Orlando.  I really didn't have the space to break out my watercolors.  So here is today's project 365, #5.

Back to what I am used to, a nice butterfly.

We just landed in Long Beach, and I am just publishing this post quickly now.

Take care,

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