Monday, November 4, 2013

Project 365, Day #308


I hope you are having a good Monday.  Today was a day of getting caught up on my bills and paperwork.  I also had workers here again trying to finish some things up.  Of course there were a few issues as well.  I am moving on to my butterfly now, because I can't talk about that anymore.  I needed to hang out in the living room so I was available to the workers, so I decided I would draw my butterfly.  Hannah was working on her homework, so I asked her to pick a couple of her marker colors.  Here are the colors she picked and butterfly #308.

 A nice green and purple marker.  Chris' and my favorite colors.  As you can see I did the same kind of fast, fun sketch.  I know I said it before but I really like the way these turn out.  I hope you are enjoying these fun sketches as much as I am.  

That's all for me today.  I need to go pick Molly up from school in a few minutes.  Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.

Take care,

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