Sunday, November 3, 2013

Project 365, Day #307


I hope you had a great day.  This morning Chris decided he wanted to cook a traditional Sunday dinner.  A nice warm roasted meal.  Well I was pretty  much against it because I knew the work involved.  I had plans to work in the studio and get things done before my show.  I ended up agreeing.  I needed to go to the storage unit and find boxes with the roasting pan and other items we would need.  Chris went to the grocery store.  This was all done at 9 am.  Well the day progressed and I needed to clean some in the kitchen that is not finished and wash the items we were going to use.  I have to say it was so worth it because the meal tasted soooo gooood.  You know a home cooked meal just hits the spot.  First I have a few picks of our meal.

We had a beef roast with a bunch of different root vegetables.  I found my box of platters, so I could plate it up pretty.  I decided to show you a picture of what my kitchen looks like.  The ovens and the dishwasher are in and working, that's it.  We had problems with the other appliances because of cabinet measurements being wrong and a joining piece for  the refrigerators.  The rest won't be installed until Wednesday.  So I thought it is a little funny looking.   Look at what we made though.  We also made dessert.  Molly was all about helping with the meal.  She wants to be chef, so she is all about the cooking now.  We made an apple and pear crumble for dessert.

I really don't take that great of pictures of the food but it looked good in person.  : )  I thought I would make my butterfly with the food.  Here is one butterfly #307.

Chris bought some whip cream in a can.  Normally I make my own whipped cream but I didn't have my beaters unpacked yet.  I tried to make a butterfly with the whipped cream.  It is ok but not great.  I couldn't leave it at just that one, so I drew up another one.  Here is another butterfly #307.

 A quick sketch to go along with my whipped cream butterfly.  : )  It really was the best meal we have had in a long time.  Everything tasted so good and the vegetables were amazing.  I am a veggie girl.  : )

That's all for me tonight.  I hope you had a great weekend and a great night!

Take care,

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