Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project 365, Day #302

Hello again,

It has been quite the day here.  My appliances came today.  I should be saying yeah, but alas there were more problems.  Only two items are installed, they are still working on the third item and it's 6pm.  The other three that need to go in, can't.  I won't know until tomorrow how long it will take for the piece that wasn't order, to arrive.  So another adventure in the land of remodel.  : )

I spent the day on the computer to try and work on different business items, and the computer is close to the kitchen, so I was available for the workers if they needed me.  I am trying to set up an automated email system.  It is slow going for me because I am trying to figure different ideas and incentives out.  I did get a good portion done.  I also worked on my Tuesday Tidbits post and email, which always takes longer than I think it will.  Once I finished it though I sat down to draw.  Here is butterfly #302.

I am doing the web theme again because I will probably only use it for another two days and then move on.  I decided to add a little spider to this web composition. 

That's all for me for now.  The are still trying to figure out my cooktop and it is not going well.

Have a great night and thanks for stopping by.

Take care,

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