Saturday, October 12, 2013

Project 365, Day #285


I hope you are having a great Saturday.  I went out with Molly this morning for two hours and we did find a dress and shoes today, so that's good.  The dance is from 8-11 tonight.  I will be a pumpkin by 11 but need to pick her up, so I will have to find something good to watch to keep me up.  : )   I have a quick sketch for you today.  I am feeling a little worn down today and now I feel a migraine coming on.  : (    So here is butterfly #285.

For some reason I really like drawing with just these squiggle lines.  It is very fun and I like the way they come out.  I used my Pumpkin Pie marker again today.

That's all for today.  I am off to take some medicine.  Have a great evening!

Take care,

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