Thursday, October 10, 2013

Project 365, Day #283


I hope you had a good day.  I got a lot of work done today.  I did get out to the studio and clean.  I had to dust off every little thing.  I did have some stuff covered but not enough.  I still have a bunch to do but I got enough cleared off to sew.  I finished my spider clutch, I just need to take a picture still.

I am at the dentist now with the girls.  I drew my butterfly here.  Hannah took an hour and I just finished my drawing.  Molly is in there now, so I can type up my post.  

Here is butterfly #283.

I grabbed the orange and black markers again.  I started with the orange circles and knew I wanted to darken the areas that would represent the butterfly.  I added the black circles, and did the same process to try and highlight what would be the butterfly.  This was all done with just the two markers, no pencil sketch first.  I probably would have used a pencil but didn't have one with me.  A different take on the stipple technique I have been doing.

That's all for tonight.  Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!

Take care,

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