Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Project 365, Day #261


I hope you had a good day.  Today I took a break from painting and caught up on the bills and paperwork.  Actually I still have a little to do, but there is always that to do it seems.  Here is butterfly #261.

A fun butterfly of squiggles.  I like the look of this one and enjoy the craziness of it.  I was sitting on the couch tonight and almost forgot about my butterfly.  I have been doing them a little earlier, so I was a little off tonight.  I am still pretty tired but I also don't sleep very well.  Seamus has been waking me up every night to go out, between the hours of 2-4 am.  I let him out every night before I go to bed but this is a new thing for him.  I don't know if he is just getting old or maybe a little lonely in the middle of the night.  Not sure, but it's like having a little one again.  Not so easy for me anymore though.  I don't bounce back the way I used to.  : )

That's all for tonight.  Have a great one!

Take care,

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