Saturday, September 14, 2013

Project 365, Day #257


I hope you had a good day.  Today was a long day for me.  I woke up early and started prepping for painting.  I started painting at 7am and finished at 6pm.  I got the kitchen and dining room walls and ceiling primed and sealed.  Chris came home from his bike ride and helped with the ceiling.  I cut in all the edges and all that other fun painting stuff.  I also needed to work on one long wall in the living room.  We took out a closet along that wall and added a little to the opening to the kitchen.  Parts were painted and then there were the new patched parts.  I sanded the painted parts so I could prime the entire wall length.  I am exhausted to say the least.  Actually my body aches more than I am tired.  I am definitely out of shape. 

I tried to draw up a quick butterfly tonight.  Here is butterfly #257.

I was trying to do something a little different.  It's not to bad.  I think I should have sketched this one first with pencil.  

That's all for me tonight.  Have a great evening!

Take care,

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