Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project 365, Day #239


I hope you had a good day.  Mine was really busy.  Lots to do with the remodel and trying to pick things out again.  Also getting everything ready for the first day of school for the girls tomorrow, as well as a back to school meeting tonight.  So it's on to my butterfly now.  Here is butterfly #239.

I was just trying to do something a little different.  I am really tired tonight and it is an early morning tomorrow for all of us.  I think it will be hard for the girls to get up early again.  Both Hannah and Molly have zero period tomorrow, so they start at 7:15, and that means we need to leave the house at 6:45am.  It will be an interesting morning for sure.  I hope you all have a great evening!  Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

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