Thursday, July 4, 2013

Project 365, Day #185

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a great day!!!  Today I still needed to work on packing things up to get ready for our work that's being done.  Chris moved some beers that he had brewed with the dad's, for father's day, to the garage.  They were being stored elsewhere and had to be moved.  After packing, I was working on some invitations and then I heard a 'pop'.  Well sure enough one of the beers exploded in the case.  They were the big bottles, so it was a lot of beer.  I ran to get Chris and I didn't even realize how far the beer had traveled through the case.  It ran all the way down the garage and into my studio space and under all my wood furniture.  It was a mess for sure.  It took a couple hours of moving things and trying to clean it all up.  While Chris was rinsing off the other bottles in the kitchen, another one blew open, all over the kitchen.  It was a crazy mess.  The girls found it quite comical for some reason.  : )  Well, it was another hour in the kitchen to clean up all the beer and broken glass.  Chris ended up opening all the beers and dumping them because we didn't want any more to burst.  That was my exciting afternoon. 

Our city just legalized fireworks last year, so we have quite the display right in our neighborhood.  We just set up our lawn chairs out front and we are good.  It's pretty cool to not have to go anywhere.  I just finished watching what I could and ran into the the studio to make today's butterfly.  I already had an idea in my head earlier, so it was pretty quick to put together.  Here is butterfly #185.

A nice little patriotic butterfly.  I dry embossed the Night of Navy butterfly with the stripes embossing folder and the Real Red butterfly with our star burst embossing folder.  Basic Rhinestones are added to the center for a little bling and sparkle. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great day!

Take care,

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