Saturday, April 20, 2013

Project 365, Day #110


I hope you all had a great Saturday!  The morning started with Molly making some blueberry muffins for everyone.  Here is a pic for you.

She made them herself and found the recipe online.  She just decided she wanted to make them and then did all the work.  She wants to be a chef, so I want to do my best to encourage her.  They were yummy!

The late morning and afternoon we did yard work.  Chris mowed the lawn and I did the weed pulling in all the pots and beds.  It was a beautiful day so it was great to be outside!  I also got to do a little sewing and working on the final phases of a couple of my patterns.  I thought we might go out for dinner but Chris wanted to cook.  He went to the store and cooked up some 'tapas'.  It was quite good and nice to relax in the back yard.  We were hanging out and I came up with a funny idea for my butterfly.  Here is butterfly #110.

I was wondering if the dogs would sit still to do the picture and they did.  Molly was happy to volunteer to help out.  It is pretty funny don't you think?!  I little abstract butterfly for you.  Then Hannah joined in and came up with this little addition.

A few antennae to make the butterfly complete.  I hope you enjoy this one, because I was laughing pretty hard!  So cute and just so sweet to have everyone a part of it.  Do you notice the 'boys' holding on to Molly.  They are so cute!  Well that's all for tonight.  Have a great evening!!  Enjoy your Sunday and I will talk to you tomorrow night!

Take care,

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jeannine said...

ha! clever idea. love those girls!