Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Project 365, Day #71


Ok, I am a little upset because I posted this butterfly last night and it never showed.  When I went to check in my saved posts, the title is there but nothing else.  Everything I wrote and the picture were gone.  It was taking a long time to load even this morning so something must have been wrong.  So I am re-posting now, but it feels like I missed a day.  Even though I know I posted it yesterday, I just feel like it is off somehow.  So on to yesterday's butterfly.

Chris and I went out to dinner last night because we needed to discuss a few things.  We sat at the bar and had a couple drinks, sandwiches and fries.  A simple dinner but a nice long discussion.  I decided to do my butterfly with food again.  Here is butterfly #71.

(I just went to add my picture and I have an option to choose from photos from my blog, so I double checked and the photo is there, yeah!  So that makes me feel better, just some other computer glitch must have happened last night.)

Back to my description.  So I might have said this before but I know I told my kids to not play with their food but I am doing it all the time now.  : )  The people at the bar were looking on as well and I am probably sure thinking I am crazy.  Actually the one young girl next to me said 'look she's playing fry 'jenga''.  I found that to be very funny and tried to explain what I was actually doing to her.  I'm sure she still thought I was crazy.  

So that was basically my post from last night.  I know I will make sure I double check the posts from now on.  I have to say I do it sometimes but it will be a must from now on.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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