Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project 365, Day #43


I hope you are having a good evening.  Today I got some clutch bags ready to send to my friend in NY.  She is going with another friend to an event and offered to sell my clutches.  Isn't that so nice!  It took most of the day to get them all ready for her.  It was also hard for me to choose which ones to send, so that made the process go a little longer.  I did get them sent off to her though.

I started working on my butterfly after I sent out the box.  I wanted to sit down for a bit, so an illustration was the obvious choice.  I did have to set it aside to do dinner and such but I just finished it.  Here is butterfly #43.

Sometimes I don't know where I get these ideas but this is a funny one.  I was trying to do one thing, then I thought of this.  My cartoon eyeball butterfly.  The top eyes remind me of WALL-E.  Not exactly like his, but similar.  Well that is my funny little butterfly for tonight.  Have a great evening!

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