Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project 365, Day #34


I hope everyone had a good day.  If you watched the Super Bowl, I hope you enjoyed that.  We watched the game together.  The girls and I also watch for the commercials.  They were ok this year but not as many 'wow' ones as I thought in the past.  I beaded the entire time.  I was working on another band for my anemone bracelet.  I finished the first one but didn't like the color combo anymore.  I made another one today that I like much better with the anemones I did.  I still need to make one more anemone and attach them to the bracelet and then I will show you.

I just stepped into the studio and saw a bag of old felt embellishments.  I decided to arrange them to look like a butterfly.  Here is butterfly #34.

There are separate flower pieces, two leaf pieces and then all the little circles are individual pieces as well.  I just placed them on the card stock for now.  I am not sure I want to permanently adhere them, not sure why.  Just in case I want to use them for something else I guess.  I added two pieces of black cord for the antennas.  There is my butterfly for tonight.  I actually almost forgot about it.  After watching the game and beading I was getting tired.  I thought I just will clean up and get to bed early and then it popped in my head.  Good thing.  : )  It is actually still pretty early for me to get to bed, so it all worked out.  Have a great rest of the evening.

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