Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poject 365, Day #48


I hope everyone had a good Sunday.  I spent a lot of the day beading and relaxing.  I am totally hooked on the beading.  I also got to go out to dinner with Chris again tonight.  Two date nights in one week is a quite the record.  : )  When we returned from dinner I still needed to do my butterfly.  I wanted to try beading one again.  I did start i,t but did not finish it.  Here is what I have so far.  Here is butterfly #48.

So this is not a finished butterfly but I did spend two hours on it.  That may be hard to believe by looking at it, but it is true.  This is a small butterfly about 2 1/4" wide.  The tan color is the backing that you use to bead on.  My plan is to turn this into a ring. 

Below I have a picture of it next to the cuff bracelet I am working on.  The cuff is what I took a class on yesterday.  The pieces you see are flat beads that I have beaded around to hold them to the backing.  There is still a lot more work to do on that as well.

That's all for tonight.  I hope to finish the butterfly ring soon.  Maybe not by tomorrow but hopefully the next day.  Have a great day tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

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