Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's been a while...

Hello again,

I know it's been a while, about a month.  It really is hard to believe.  Sometimes I don't know where the time goes.  I lost my mojo for a bit and also have been busy at school with the girls.  Hannah has her birthday next week, but had her party yesterday, so I thought I would share my cake for her.  As always they are an adventure to make but I sure do like the way the come out.
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This is the first shot before two final touches.  Hannah likes to shop.  She is always looking at things online and in stores.  However, she doesn't quite have the money she would need to buy everything she loves.  She saves for a bit, but it does go quickly.  : )  It was funny because her friends at the party said 'Is this a hint of what you are getting from your parents?'  Of course I was standing right there and added a big 'no' to that one.  Very funny.

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Here are the two little touches.  An even smaller card with her birthday greeting.  However, her purse will still not fit either one.  She really liked it and had a great time at her party! 
I hope you enjoyed that quick update.  Hopefully I'll be back a little quicker thank last time.

Take care,